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 We create Original, Unique and Beautiful Sculpture in Wood

 *  Five freelance professional sculptors, based in Suffolk , UK.

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               * Working  with chainsaws , chisels and sanders -  carving big chunks of          English Oak,  Red Cedar,  Sweet Chestnut,   Beech, and other native woods,   mostly sourced locally.

   *We have been creating the finest quality sculpture in carved wood for 15 years

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Big Chair - Installed in Lee Valley Park - July 2012 - Andy Ish (and Baz)


Gayton Primary School - May 2015

     Sculpture         Angels and  Snakes,   Crocodiles, Elephants , Badgers and Squirrels , Bridges and Pagodas - Totem Poles and Obelisks  -    Mythical Beasts and Human Beings -  Abstract Forms and Twisted Shapes  -  or tell us what you want - we CAN carve it for you , personalised and special  with excellence. 

     Public Art         Community Art and  Schools projects, Sculpture for Hospitals , Offices, Housing Projects, Village Greens, Play Areas. We have  20 years of experience in all aspects of commissioning , funding , and managing large and small scale projects. We can help with ideas and plans , and with overall design.

     Schools              We  have created some wonderful Story-Telling seats and areas , and love to build playthings and climbing stuff .Also work in Willow, Ash and Hazel  to create domes, and archways as living, growing sculpture. 

       Furniture             Tables for the Garden or Dining Room , seats and benches  hand carved to your own individual design .  We often have some in stock or can easily  make something special to order.

     Landscapes    Pergolas , arches , and  bridges . Tree-trunk and carved Garden seats , especially Memorial Seating and Benches   .


                   Ben Platts-Mills

                    Ray Brooks   

                     Andy Harland (Ish)     

                     Andy Manning   

             _____Baz Wolfram Wheeler



  Come and see us!   Our site is in Suffolk -.- in a field next to a Timber Mill  - with a ready supply of all kinds of wood .Its called HEAVEN and its great to have visitors.

Come along and we can talk through what you want and help with ideas and designs.  




www.raybrooks.co.uk       Rays own website with sculpture work going back nealry 20 years .  Sculpture in Metal, Wood, Rocks, Earth, Ceramics, Fire , etc etc

 www.andymanning.moonfruit.com       Andy is  one of our sculptors and  a Conservation Ecologist - "Suffolk Safaris  can introduce you to nature, your place in nature and will include field craft, tracking, identification and basic survival skills"

 www.chainsaw-carving.co.uk       Lots of info and a Forum about chainsaw carving - good resource   and links to several other carvers websites, The site is owned and diligently maintained by Kevin Mackenzie, another  British chainsaw carver

 www.themountain.co.uk         Ambitious project to build an actual mountain in East Anglia .

www.sculptish.com       Andy ish website  -  lovely tables  and furniture and flowing sculpture.

 www.uvartist.com        Mural artist Simon Buck , who specialises in Ultraviolet Murals , magnificent work on a small or grand scale which is wonderful in light or darkness .  

http://earthtribegardens.blogspot.com    Simons other project - to create , with artists and environmentalists , inspiring gardens across the planet

http://www.living-wood.co.uk/    - Learn new skills on a Living Wood course 
"A modest collection of hand-tools and a few age-old, easily constructed devices, are sufficient to turn a tree into a hurdle, a spoon, or a strong and elegant chair."
Mike Abbott
























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